Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nova Star ferry

well , the new ferry from Portland to Yarmouth appears to be a reality.
For Yarmouth Harbour, this is a very large boat, 550 feet long, and I'm sure at low tide, there is less than 3 feet under its keel.
It's inbound  at about 7am, and outbound at 10 am. It has no room to manoeuvre, none, at all.
If it's is in the narrow channel , from 1000 yards south of Bunker Island, to the ferry terminal, keep clear of it. DO NOT TRY TO SHARE THE CHANNEL WITH IT, WAIT UNTIL IT IS CLEAR. ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT TRY TO CROSS IN FRONT OF IT , this is dangerous. If the economics of the ferry work out, this will make western Nova Scotia less isolated from its traditional neighbours in New England, and be a great benefit to the region

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  1. Thanks Peter. I expect to come into Yarmouth from Rockland ME with a 50' Oyster cutter rig, and I'll be sure to avoid transit times of Nova Star. All the best to the operation, and at least I know that I'll find him on AIS (a really beneficial fancy instrument). - Tom Hughes S/V Unconditional