Thursday, September 1, 2016

Willy Krauch

Willy's which recently close because of a lack of a successor in this family owned business, has re-opened. It has be taken over by Comeau Seafood, the second biggest fish processor in the province, and as the guy who owns Comeau likes the products ( which is why he bought it), it is likely to remain a going concern

Mahone Bay

After a long absence, visited Deep Cove, There are now a number of moorings and there is more development. However, it is still a nice anchorage and there is plenty of space between the moorings, There is about  15 feet at low water.

South Shore Marine
The restaurant is closed again, I'm not sure if it will be re-opened. This is one of the few places to get fuel, and because of the number of boats, it is busy. At peak times you may have to wait in line

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Btrooklyn Marina
this is a completely volunteer organisation, there are no staff and the building is unlocked. Overnight fee is now $35 ( cash only) per night, regardless of length. This gets you electricity, internet and showers. Tie up either side of the long floating dock. There is a visitors book and a box to put the money in.
Lahave Yacht Club
It is very economical to tie up here, $20 on one of the three floating docks, $15 on a mooring ball( they are white) regardless of length. The club is kept open at night if you need showers, etc. There is internet, and electricity (15amp only) on the two eastern floating docks. Very good, cheap restaurant and drinks. One of the few places to get fuel. If you draw more than 6 feet , low water is a bit thin for the fuel dock. It's a good place, and they accept all the usual credit cards.
Lunenburg Yacht Club
The fuel dock is on the landward side of the floating docks and you have to approach it from the north. I think they changed its layout and I wouldn't now have any difficulty getting my unhandy little tub alongside. Good showers and a nice bar.


Liscombe Lodge
 Liscombe has been a good place to stop and wait for decent weather for more than half a century. However the marina aspect has been neglected by the present operators and the land-side operation has been poorly marketed. Liscombe is one of three provincially owned resorts that for the last few years have been managed by an American hotel management company. They haven't done this well and the resort is currently up for sale. Anyone's guess what will happen. When I visited last (2015) there was still fuel and Chester was still running the marina. This is a great loss, as the site is beautiful, you can ride out a hurricane here, and I have , and it would be a fine site for year round ecotourism. Unfortunately, the operators concentrated on catering to bus tours and their business model is a failure