Monday, August 21, 2017


I haven't been right up the Lahave river  for many years, but I did it this year. There is now a very pleasant marina just north of the commercial dock.  Frank Bemben is the manager , you can reach him at 902 818 7988. There is a pumpout that works, water, electricity and internet for the overnight price of $45 + tax. A large grocery store and the liquor commission is a 10 minute walk to the north. You at almost immune to bad weather here. In the unlike event there is no berth, there is plenty of room to anchor just north of the marina. You could be troubled by the wakes of small power boats, the marina is better for this.The town has put out a floating dock just below the first bridge If you draw 6 feet or less , and its not dead low water on a big tide, you should be able to get there be keeping just to port of the middle of the channel going up. It would be quite noisy and I'm not sure about staying overnight

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Port Medway

The village of Port Medway ( on the western side of the harbor) has been undergoing somewhat of a renaissance. About six hundred yards from the wharf, there is a new establishment, The Port Grocer. There is a small restaurant and they have live music on Friday nights. It is very pleasant. Port Medway itself is a very pretty harbor, and its a handy stop, especially beating to windward form Lahave or Lunenburg. I plan to stop there more often. bear in mind that outside the main channels, there are hundreds of unmarked rocks, and the survey dates from 1860

Northeast Point, Cape Sable Island

The little anchorage next to the causeway has been filling in a bit with sand. It is still usable, but to enter keep close to the causeway. If you do anchor here and want a decent meal, I recommend Captain Kats. Walk north on the causeway to the traffic lights ( it might be easier to take your dinghy to the mainland side) turn left and it is right there. This is the best seafood restaurant in western Nova Scotia