Thursday, August 25, 2016

more updates

Haven't posted lately because of turmoil in my day job, but finally a spare afternoon and decent internet access, here's a list, from West to East
The ferry is back, not without controversy, as it's a chartered US navy boat, province pays all the expenses, crew are all U.S. citizens, and Bay Ferries, given the contract to run it , is guaranteed its substantial management fee, no matter what. Many of the details secret and not divulged to the poor schmucks paying the bill, Anyway, it stays in Yarmouth overnight, outbound at 08h, inbound about 20h, local time  ( Z+3), which is one hour ahead of Eastern time . If you are confused after a tiring overnight passage, it is 08h in Yarmouth when it is 07h in Boston. Keep clear of it, like all shoal draft boats it can't manoevre at slow speeds.

Northeast Point
The little bay formed by the causeway is filling in some, need to be careful on the way in and stay close to the causeway

You cannot get fuel in Lockeport , and I don't think this is going to change, Bruce, the owner is trying to sell his whole operation ( restaurant, marina, fishing boat and licence, etc). This means anywhere west of Mahone Bay, the only places for fuel are the Lahave River and Shelburne Yacht clubs, unless you choose to go to Digby, a long detour. Y,all need to carry a number of yellow cans, in case you have to jug it and lug it.

Lunenburg is trying to be a bit more boat friendly. There are now visitors moorings. They are  (mostly ) white, with "boat locker" and the phone #( 902 640 3202) on them. You can also reserve an alongside berth, 902 229 2628. Be advised the alongside berths are quite noisy and the tour operators do not understand "no wake" There is a pretty good grocery store next to the Boat Locker. The Boat  Locker is at 280 Montague Street (one up from the waterfront) and you can tie your dinghy in front of it. You can also buy my book there. The other place for dinghies is just west of the grey "Zwicker" building, and there are garbage containers at both places. This is a vast improvement on a few years ago
I'm not a tech guy, but Even I realise that  most small laptops don't have a CD drive, so I can put the book on a thumb drive, let me know. You can contact me at or by snail mail ( not an exaggeration here) 3759 highway 3, RR#1 Glenwood NS B0W 1W0

more later