Monday, August 10, 2015

More Updates

For these I am grateful to Sharon and Paul Tisher of Maine

Marble Mountain
The spit on the west side of the entrance to Clarke Cove is now mostly under water, just covered by a few inches. Not shown well on any chart or my 2 plotters. Keep to starboard going in. The museum is closed.
the marina is long gone and there is not enough depth to anchor in the cove. It might be possible to do this just inside Dunphee Head , as in my description in the second edition. Don't try this if you draw more than 6 feet

Yankee Cove ( Whitehead Harbour)
Both my plotters show this poorly, with only one sounding for the whole cove. I've been here quite a few time and there is plenty of water as long as you avoid the rock that is just about in the middle of the entrance. Keep to starboard going in. The old paper charts show this much better. Paul and Sharon got help, as I have in the past, from the fishermen at Marshall cove. The little canal just north of the wharf here, that goes through to Port Felix, is now the site of a small park.

Sheet Harbour
Good reports of the restaurant at the Henley House, which is next to the Irving station that you see from the water. There may be slips out.

Sunday, July 19, 2015


I haven't updated my blog lately, largely due to the turmoil in my day job, but here are  some updates.

The Nova Star is now in its second year of operation. It seems to be more successful than its initial year, but its future is till controversial. It is inbound at 07-08 and outbound at 09-10h ADST ( 1 hour ahead of Boston) It is very large and the channel is very shallow. Keep clear of it.

As I understand it, there is no fuel to be had in Lockeport. The owner, Bruce is having some difficulty with the town and/or Mr. Irving's empire. I'm not sure whether this situation is temporary or not.


There is now a marina at the top of the Lahave River, close to the town. I haven't been there yet. This would be a good spot to ride out foul weather, tropical storms, and the like.

The Bluenose has finally been renovated, 3 years late and tens of millions over budget, the result of micro-management by incompetent politicians and civil servants. If you want to now how not to manage a big project, this would  be a good case to study.


The new owners re-opened the restaurant in 2014, I am going to try it out this summer


I've still not managed to visit this place by boat, but I did visit the Yacht club, which is on the east side of the harbor, about 5 miles from the entrance. There is water and slips , but no fuel. It is very pretty


The SeaRover Marina, at the head of the harbor, really never got off the ground. It is now virtually abandoned, with no equipment, slips, etc. , and empty buildings.


Much to my disappointment, Willy Krauch's Smokehouse has closed. Extensive renovations were needed and Max, Willy's son, did not think the poor business climate in the province could support it.

The East River  bridge is being rebuilt. The anchorage and wharf are completely obstructed by construction equipment. This is supposed to be all done by summer 2015, but these things often do not finish on time. There are still a couple of decent restaurants, but the " Tank" is closed. There is a pretty park at the head of the harbor on the site of the old paper mill.  I am told that the inn puts out slips in the summer but I haven't seen them myself.

this is as pretty as ever, but there are virtually no facilities except at Liscombe Lodge, and this is up for sale by the government. I didn't see a single wharf fit to tie up to except at  Hawbolt Cove. This is a place where old wooden long-liners seem to go to die, and there are half a dozen of them hauled up on the shore. The moorings at Liscombe Lodge have not been maintained and you should be prepared to anchor.

More, and hopefully, some pictures to follow

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Petpeswick Inlet

Petpeswick Inlet is very pretty, though a somewhat shallow entrance. 5 foot draft can get in 2 hours after low water, but don't try this with any strength of onshore wind. There is plenty of water once you are in. The is a small, volunteer yacht club about 4 miles up the inlet, on the eastern side

. They have slips and water, but no fuel