Saturday, March 16, 2013

how to get books

I have this on here before, but I'll repeat it.
If you are interested in a book, actually a CD, send an email to me at
Mail address is
RR#1 Glenwood, Nova Scotia , Canada B0W1W0
fax is 902 643 2665
cost is $65 which includes mailing, bank charges etc.. As long as our currencies are withing 10% of each other $US and $Can are at par.
Cheques on any US , Canadian, or European bank in any convertible currency are fine.
In person, you can also pick up copies at the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club
 I did originally distribute a number of CD's to various booksellers, chandlers and so on, on consignment , but the reality was that they never paid me, so I terminated these arrangements. Writing the guide was never conceived as a money-making operaton, but I have to say this experience was disappointing.
My internet connection, from our sole provider is so slow that I can't send the book out online, and I can't really do paypal either for the same reason
Our mail is a little slower now than it was in Queen Victoria's time, so it may take 2 weeks after I put a CD in the mail for it to reach most parts of the USA.
If you buy a CD you are welcome to print it out, as many times as you want, for your own use without any further royalties

The Knot Tavern, Lunenburg

The Knot is a tavern at the extrem western end of LIncoln Street, just over the road from the gas station. It doesn't look much from the outside, but inside it is very pleasant, good food, and very economical. Best of all, it's open all winter, which many of the other joints are not. I am quite happy to recommend it