Monday, September 12, 2011

Cape Negro Island

I did get ashore on Cape Negro Island this summer, and thanks to Rhoda, whose grandmother lived there, I did get too see the graveyard. its a little difficult to find the path , and because of the number of blown down trees, a chainsaw would help. Its a bit sobering, there are a huge number of young deaths and I could only find one 90 year old. ( In the Bahamas bucolic Green Turtle Cay graveyard , there are lots of 90 year olds and very few premature deaths, during the same historical period) . The gap in the bar is bigger, and you should probably not raft up unless its a very quiet night. My frog pond may be gone, as movement of the beach has obliterated it. I also found out why the island was abandoned in the late 1950's. It ran out of trees and so no firewood. They've been growing ever since, and as the usual spruce trees have a 50 year lifespan, every big blow flattens some more of them

Canada Post

since the strike we have had huge mail delays and some don't arrive at all. This is not helpful for any small business. If you have sent a cheque and haven't heard anything, send me an email and I will send you a CD, hoping that the money will eventually arrive