Sunday, June 12, 2011

Printed version of the book

Some people have asked why no printed version. The short answer is cost. I have had a few printed, but locally this costs about $75. The ones I have made were ground out on my home printer, it takes hours. The resultant book is about 9"x11" and weighs about 2 pounds. This is a huge cost to send overseas through the mail and it also gets the attention of the revenue men and homeland security. Attempts to get a Canadian publisher interested, though the original sells on average at 5 times its original price, were absolutely futile. These guys will not do anything without a government grant. The CD can go through the mail at a minimum cost, and anywhere in the US, can be printed by an office supplies joint like Staples, for less than $40. Being somewhat of a  a Luddite, I prefer a real book, and I have no objection to anyone who buys the CD printing it out for their own use. There may be hope of a US publisher soon