Saturday, February 8, 2014

more from Mahone Bay

As I've said before, the Mahone Bay area has been damaged by insensitive development. I'm glad to report that one organisation has been able to reverse some of this. The Mahone Islands Conservation Association has managed to by a number of islands and returned them to public use. I support them financially and suggest you do too. More information at

You may have , in the  past noticed two lights on little wooden blockings. One was just as you enter the town moorings in the town of Mahone Bay, and the other was on Beacon Rock, just north of Indian Point. They are no more, being carried away in a big storm, and have been replaced by buoys.

South Shore Marine, has long been the biggest marine services place in the Mahone Bay area. After a pretty fraught period when its future was clouded in  uncertainty, its new owner ( the son of one of my sailing buddies ) is making a go of it and it is busier than ever. Even the galley restaurant, which I was always fond of, has been re-opened. I haven't tried the new incarnation yet, but it gets very good reviews on tripadvisor. Further details at

Another marina opened a couple of years ago and seem also to stay afloat. It is East River Marine, in the northwest corner of the bay. It seemed a little exposed to strong NW winds, but it has a huge travel lift and can deal with big boats. Further details at

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