Wednesday, February 27, 2013

printing a copy of the guide

I am indebted to one of my readers, Dr Fred Hubble from  Florida for the following information. If you want to make a printed copy of the guide, consider  Fred says they do it for $55 and deliver in 8 days. If you have to suffer a really slow connection. like me, I suspect they'll take a flash drive, rather than doing it online. I haven't used then myself but their website looks pretty good. And, as I never thought of this, if anyone wants the guide on a drive rather than a CD I'm happy to do this


  1. Hi Dr. Loveridge,

    I just attempted to get a copy of your PDF printed at ''. They called me back to say that the PDF (-60 mb) looked a little blurry, as if the file had been scanned. Is it possible to obtain a higher fidelity PDF? Thanks very much.

    Best wishes, John Lafleur

    1. its a big file and it might get messy if the line is slow. The file was scanned but is in HD and it's very clear when I print it out on my laser printer directly from the CD. I'm not a tech guy, but you could check the connection. Dr. Hubble was very happy with the quality of his when he did it