Friday, March 18, 2011

The new book is done. It is on a CD/DVD as printing costs were prohibitive. There are 0ver 200 charts and photos and they are all coloured. It comes up pretty good on Adobe reader, which I downloaded free off the internet. I think most computers come with something likes this.

The book is a 780 MB pdf file, so it may load slower on an old machine
This has been very much a cottage industry, so there are a few typos and blank pages, but I think y'all will find it useful

Price will be $60. ( the old one selling on Amazon for over $100 so its a good deal) May be a little extra for postage
I haven't worked out the arrangement for paying yet, I'll try and get registered with paypal if I can get my head round it
If you likely to want one, send me an email at
I'll get back to you, I'm doing this in small batches, so I'llpost on here when I get a supply, but it should be next week
For those of you who would want a real book, I have to print them out one by one on my home printer, so it'll be about $150 and there may be a little wait
Further details next week

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