Saturday, October 30, 2010

from time to time, I'll put things on here that y'all might find useful. For this tip, I'm indebted to Robert Benner, of the good ship "Meredith". out of London, Ontario.
Inflatables are deservedly very popular, as they are by far the safest form of tender, but they tend to get leaks and holes. The repair kits are pretty basic, a few bits of fabric, some sandpaper, and a tube of adhesive that's usually a solid lump when you need it.
At least for hypalon dinghies, use 3M 5200 fast cure for the adhesive instead. Here it costs about $12, you can get it anywhere, fairly decent shelf life, and if you're careful with it, you can reuse the tube. Careful assistance from a hairdryer or heat gun will make it go off quicker in the cold. Sailmakers have used this for sail repairs for decades, and often you can put a patch on without any tiresome sewing

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